Practice Basics

Essentials First Steps

This topic explores changes in the Health Business and its implications for health professionals, whether working as owner or not.

Rediscover ‘What matters at your stage of Practice‘: Using ‘STAR framework‘,  shed new light on your vision, set meaningful goals and create a road map to achieve them.


Choices for Success

  • Right business structures
  • Finding location, fit-out, equipment
  • Selecting Software, technology
  • Choosing adviser team- how much to pay them
  • Ditch old school business plan 
  • Systems and facilities in Practice that drive profitability 

Why this topic is important even for existing practices?

  • It’s like a health check
  • A clean slate approach, a fresh perspective delivers insights which we miss in daily grind.
  • Covers practical tips and tools to ensure right steps are taken at start 
  • Avoid costly mistakes at beginning
  • Reduce adviser dependency 
  • Assess correctness of advisers’ advice 
  • Lower associated expenses in each area

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