Marketing Made Easy

Digital Marketing

  • Online Presence: Why your practice should have a website? What makes a good website? Which platform to use? How to select web developers? Do I need SEO?
  • How to make Google your best friend and why?
  • Latest Marketing Trends: Get ahead of the curve knowing how to use them to your benefits? 
  • Hiring Consultants/ Agencies : Practical tips to avoid pitfalls, questions to assess correctness of their advice and lower associated expenses 

Social Media

  • Social Media: Should doctors use social media? Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram? What are the best practices in using social media for medical?
  • Digital Advertising: Advertising options like facebook, Google, emails, and other digital mediums including their costs and benefits.
  •  Online reputation management and avoiding pitfalls, dealing with negative reviews

Legal issues in Medical Marketing

  • Understand black and white do’s and dont’s and stay out of grey areas. 
  • Know what many marketing consultants don’t and avoid pitfalls
  • Beyond patient experience: How to improve patient retention, loyalty and why it is important?
  • Measuring what matters and how to measure bang for buck for your campaigns
  • Marketing Strategy: Understand difference in Marketing plan and strategy and develop one for your practice to increase patients consistently

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