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Financial Intelligence

What your life would be if you can unwind three biggest financial mistakes you did?

Similar to reading an ECG, it is imperative that we understand the story that numbers are telling us – all successful people know how to find that story and convert it into an action plan to Boost your income exponentially.

ECG printout and stethoscope

Finance Fundamentals

  • Learn the Language of Financial Statements: Manage Balance Sheet, Income Statement (P&L) and Cash Flow. 
  • Why they are important and how they interact and impact wealth generation
  • How to avoid common financial mistakes in practice 
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Accounting: in simple terms
  • Adviser solutions: Start asking questions to your Accountant he thought you would never ask, How much to pay for services, Practical tips to reduce adviser dependency, assess correctness of advisers’ advice
  • Pricing your fees, Demystifying MBS, Eclipse and health fund billing, handling rejections effectively, reducing bad debts

Investment Intelligence

  • Develop your Financial Business Plan: How to calculate the buying and selling price for a practice, buy or lease decisions
  • Make the Most out of Practice Software: How to use your practice data and derive meaningful insights to drive growth, Pricing your services
  • Raising Finances for Practice: How to get the best deal from your bank and available options.
  • Benchmarking Data for Specialists and General Practices: Know where you stand in comparison with your peers and how to benchmarking effectively
  • Investment tools for any investments

To Boost Your Income

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