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The Stigma with Doctors and Money

Money is not a dirty word in any other profession. But why it is so, when it comes to the medical profession? It is as if doctors are committing some sin by making money or are not supposed to make more money!  “Doctors make a lot of money” – a commonly heard sentence coming from

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Where to spend your Practice Marketing Budget

When it comes to Marketing, the most popular question is – “Where can I get better returns on my marketing spend?”. With many marketing agencies trying to persuade doctors for SEO, it is important to note that SEO is not a useful tool for Healthcare Marketing. Moreover, Google keeps changing its algorithm all the time, so it’s

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5 Ways to Improve Doctor’s Mental Health

With one in four people prone to a mental health condition at some point in their lives, doctors are also not immune to this risk. RACGP has acknowledged that anxiety, depression, burnout are routinely experienced by the doctors, and at the rates higher than the general population and other professions. Long hours and heavy workload, financial demands, workplace

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Why Doctors should Market Themselves?

Every time I visit the USA for my own research into the health sector, I get more and more surprised about the aggressive marketing tactics used by the doctors. At the same time, I feel better about the Australian health system where such marketing is highly regulated – both in the interest of the patient

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Starting your own Private Practice

Private Practice 101 Welcome to the world of private practice –more glamorized because of the TV serial PRIVATE PRACTICE. However, in reality, the glamour is in the control that the doctor gets in delivering the desired service to the patient and living the life on his or her terms. It’s not as rosy as it

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How to survive Doctor Burnout

In a survey conducted by Dr. Shanafelt a physician burnout researcher at Mayo Clinic, it was found that increasing number of doctors are experiencing burnout on a varying scale- one being that it does not interfere, and seven indicating thoughts of leaving medicine. Regulatory, systemic and practice environment issues appear to be key at prima

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