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3M’s: Money, Marketing and Medical

2020 dates coming soon
Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast

What every doctor must know to take your Practice or Profession from GOOD to GREAT- 2 day comprehensive

Marketing for Medical

2 workshops- 16 and 17 November 2019
Hilton Hotel, George St, Sydney CBD

An absolute must for every doctor who want to better serve patients they desire, at price they deserve- 1 day intensive


You are in the right place, where 

  • Preserving and enhancing dignity of medical profession is top priority
  • Workshop quality is backed by 100% money-back guarantee*
  • Leave with action plans to start implementing yourself next day and recover your investment in the workshop in no time.

  • Selling by opportunistic advisers is absent

I guarantee that what you will learn here will change your life for better….


“One of its kind workshop designed to change the way you look at your practice, regardless of its stage and age”

– General Practitioner, Neutral Bay, Sydney,

Simple System Delivering Outstanding Results for you


To Make More Time, Money and Growth

Practice Marketing Workshop Outline

To Make More Time. Money and Growth

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Workshop Outline
3Ms: Money, Marketing and Medical

Treating Non-clinical Problems

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