Cost Effective Marketing for SME

Serve more customers you desire

For Small and Medium Businesses

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SME Marketing

Everything about marketing has changed. Businesses must adapt to those changes and those who don't keep up, will be left behind.

Adopt these new rules of marketing to reach eager, responsive buyers for a fraction of the cost of big-budget campaigns and grow your business.

Stop wasting money on marketing that is NOT working

Tailored for those
  • Who put less priority on marketing
  • Don’t like marketing
  • Starting business
  • Want to expand business
  • Struggling to get more customers
  • Want to limit work, but not income

2 hr workshop - NSW SME Business Month

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15 Oct 19- Maitland,
22 Oct 19- Newcastle,
23 Oct 19- Nelson Bay

Guaranteed^ Benefits

^ and * – Conditions apply, refer below for details

*with no product selling promise.

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Success Stories from Medical Marketing Workshop


Intensive One-Day Workshop

with Sachin Joshi (MBA, M Finance)

Marketing is not only about (1) getting more customers. It’s also about (2) serving them well and (3) retaining them. 

This workshop shows you 

  • ‘How to do all THREE, better than others and consistently, by
  • Communicating clearly what you offer to your customers, &
  • How it directly affects the financial outcomes. 

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* 100% money back guarantee only for Medical Workshops

^ Content not covered in 2 hr NSW Business Month Workshops

Treating Non-clinical Problems

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